Custom Wedding Design Deposit

  • $200.00
"Say yes to HeavenSay yes to me"
-Lana Del Rey

As a designer with 10 plus years of experience, I was always called to create wedding dresses and pieces for one of the most important days of your life. 
I'm so excited to bring my love for LOVE and custom work to you.
I want my brides to know that Lux Muse is there to awaken a fairytale that lives within their souls. She's a romantic but she's not traditional. She's a fairy, fierce and stands out in the crowd. Her style choices are not defined by the main stream but rather she chooses to show up as daring, unique and etherial.

The custom process is as is. 
We schedule a phone call or in person meeting. Where we discuss your vision. If both energies match and we choose to work together. We begin a symbiotic relationship that will define the rest of your life! We create a mood boards and source textiles that are called to your vision. 

 Our dress styles are the ones available in our gallery. If you are wanting a different design we don't offer. I'm open to designing a specific style not shown in my gallery.  
This listing is for the deposit for your wedding pieces. The amount of $200 that will go towards the full amount of the cost.