Processing time for CUSTOMS IS approximately 4-18 weeks

Custom Coats

Lux, means the light that illuminates on every muse. Each muse has a story to tell, a dream to discover, or just to live the best version of themselves. 
Each custom order is a personalized process that allows both the Designer (Lux) and her customers to embark on a creative journey. We have created guidelines and a templet to make the evolution of your piece graceful, just like you.
A word from Lux: Each piece is designed with so much LOVE and intention. With that being said my process with sourcing fabric textiles, emailing back and forth, designing the piece and having the best seamstresses in LA put it together, the process takes around 4-14 weeks depending on the time of year. Some times I can finish it sooner if I'm not slammed with orders.
If you need your coat sooner! Please email us and let us know ahead of time! We are happy to work with you. We've been able to do rush orders in less than 7-10 days. Much LOVE <3

Step One

We begin by emailing you within 24 hours of your purchase. In the email we ask you your top 3 favorite colors, any themes, fabric or textiles that influence your vision, and lastly any inspiration photos of what you want us to be inspired by as well. The more descriptive you are the more connected we can feel to the kind of person you are.

You are encouraged to attach your Instagram's or blogs for an insight of who they are. 

Step Two 

Only after payment or deposit has been made we begin sourcing textiles. We honor the work put into each piece and appreciate everyone who respects that sourcing takes time and energy.

It's impossible to send samples of any fabric choices without initial information provided. (see Step one) We have access to thousands of different fabrics and can obtain whatever your heart desires. We have a good track record that every person has LOVED their fabric options.



Step Three

Now here comes the fun part! You will receive an email with fabric choices. You will choose your top 3 favorite fabrics. Please choose carefully and ask as many questions as possible to be absolutely sure of your choice. 

At LuxMuse we design based on the theme, fabric choices provided and ideas shared with us. 

If you want a piece to be made exactly how you desire where there is no creative freedom coming from our side. We are sad to inform you that we are probably not a good fit for you. Seamstress's are amazing craftsmen who can create the piece you would like to bring to life. LuxMuse designers love that we can both collaborate on the piece together.