Processing time for CUSTOMS IS approximately 4-18 weeks

Custom Embroidery 🧵 Listing

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Magical Beings, Witches and Faeries! This is your opportunity to acquire a one of kind piece from your favorite faerie creators! 

The process is easy and seamless! 

First make your purchase, we then will email you with personalized questions to get an idea 💡 of your creation! 

Please keep in mind this is not a listing for you to design the piece. The designers will have ultimate say of fabric choices and over all design. You’re paying for our art and we appreciate all input but we definitely want to honor our creative process.

$375 is the deposit and additional charges will be added once we finalize all details. 
please take note of past pieces and their prices to get an idea of how much it could cost.

The final payment will be due once your piece is complete and ready to be shipped.

Not all embroidery 🧵 designs are shown on this listing, we have more! 🧵


You’re welcome to choose up 3 embroidery designs for your piece. And they will range from $100-200 each ✨

We only have 4 spots for sequin material that is associated with Disco Lemonade ✨

Collages, inspiration photos, fabric photos are encouraged for us to have ultimate inspiration! 
We advice you have your measurements professionally taken ✨