5/20 11:11 (PCF) NEW DROP

Patchwork Face Masks

  • $16.00

Custom Patch Work face masks with your choice of color scheme.

  • Pastel Clouds

  • Jewel Tones

  • Electric Cobra Alien

  • Earthy Roots

Each pair of mask is made with velvet on top. If you have a special request in color scheme, please email us with your request and it’s our pleasure to see what we can do.

The patchwork is made with only high quality velvets, spandex prints, velvet sequin, brocades, upholstery and silk.

We aim to be a zero waste company with the exception of very small scraps.

Each scrap is saved, cut and surged to salvage most of the material. After we cut the pants, the rest is going to be used for future patch working projects.